Shripathi Organics & Food:

Shripathi Organics & Food  is in Organic food & Agriculture business, Spices, Herbes, Super food and engaged in Super Critical Extraction of Organic production of Tomatoes, Ginger, Aloe-vera, Almonds etc. We are one of the leading and best in Organic Agriculture business and top of the line Spices production Company. Our Product line of Super foods and finished products from Super Critical Extraction are utilised by some of the leading Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic companies, we are leading importers of the finest and Top of the line Quality Products.

Shripathi Renewable Energy:

Engaged in Design, Consultancy, integration, supply, installation, commissioning &maintenance of off- grid and grid connected Solar Power Plants and decentralized Solar Application. We are Company which is utilise 100% Indian resources and believes in MAKE IN INDIA. And we are proud to say that our Client satisfaction is 36% higher than others.

Shripathi Orb

Shripathi Orb is a Waste Management Company i.e. Tyre recycle Metal waste and E-waste. With Best and futuristic Technology we are doing our bit in conservation of our Mother Nature. We are in dismantling and produce precious metals from the Industrial and Domestic waste our products are Gold, Silver, Copper, Steel, Aluminium, palladium etc.

Shripathi Estates & Hospitality

Shripathi Estates & Hospitality is in Hotels, Resorts, & Resentment, We serve you Royal Luxurious Experience, and Quality Food. Resorts which will make you feel like Royal with comfort of Home. Food that is so exquisite your soul will smile.

Shripathi Stretergies & Services

Provides end to end support to Organisations looking for Legal, Taxation, Merger, , accounting, book keeping ,Software, Block Chain  Technology, SAP services.


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